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1-Day To Unlock The Hidden Power Of Property & Business For Wealth, Success And Massive Income Growth In 2022, With The UK’s Leading Experts!

Even If You're Brand New And Have No Idea Where To Start...

Sat, 13 Aug 2022

With Liam Ryan &

Expert Guests

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The one-of-its-kind coming together of Property Investment Experts who’ve closed over £28M of property deals.

What Is The Property Business Summit..?

The Property & Business Summit is a World-Class training event designed to show you how to launch and grow your own multi-million-pound property portfolio and business from scratch.

Who Will Benefit From This Event..?

Individuals wondering if property is the right investment strategy for them or for anybody in the UK. You’ll get to hear the market insights and trends in simple, no-jargon language from investors and property experts who’ve been into the thick of things for years. 
Individuals who feel they are ready to start their journey with property investment. You’ll learn why and how to build strong foundations of the market, compliance, and laws to safeguard your interests and secure high returns consistently. 
New property investors who’ve made a couple of deals and now seek real-time guidance. This is a live and interactive event. You have the opportunity to bring questions and challenges you face on a day-to-day basis in your areas and get the experts to guide you through it.
Seasoned property investors who feel plateaued in their earnings or income streams. The event brings together property investment thought leaders in the UK. Collectively, they have closed 2000+ property deals, raised £9 million in JV finance and mentored thousands on their path to profitable investing. Their insights on how you can diversify revenue streams and accelerate cash flow are guaranteed to help.  

How Are Things Looking - Right Now - For You..?

I know what it's like when life isn't panning out quite how you hoped.  Even though you have a reasonably decent annual income, you still have to scrimp and save to get by. Your choices are limited and the lifestyle you want feels like it’s never going to happen.  If you're in business, perhaps you're not doing as well as you hoped.

Do any of these describe how you're feeling right now? Time-poor; Cash poor; Stuck in a rut; Low self-esteem; Exchanging your time for money; Frustrated and desperate for change.

Be honest. This wasn't how you pictured your life going. It doesn't have to be like this. If this sounds like you, The Property and Business Summit is made for you. Join us and we'll show you how you can escape the grind and achieve financial freedom. 

Let Us Show You The Formula For Success. A Formula That Requires  No Special Skills Or Experience

If you want a financial breakthrough, you need a simple, fool proof approach to generating unlimited cash flow. It is no secret the world's wealthiest people understand the fastest way to build solid wealth is by having more than just one source of income.

They find multiple streams of passive income to flood their bank accounts with cash without increasing their time. Our approach to both property and business is all about increasing your income while reducing your time. 

Time is our most precious commodity - Any time you can win back is valuable.

The Property & Business Summit brings together the most powerful ways of growing income and building long-term wealth, so you get the life you really want. 

Why This Is Completely Different From Every Other Event You Have Seen Before

Unlike other property events which bombard you with lots of strategies or business events that offer vague advice, The Property & Business Summit provides a structured approach to wealth creation through business and property.

You will learn these 3 master strategies at the Summit:

  • Our 7 Step Property Freedom formula that 100s of our students have successfully used to grow highly profitable property businesses;
  • Million-pound business growth strategies from negotiation to selling; and
  • ​The 80/20 approach to building long-term wealth while generating short-term income.

Build A Profitable Business, Grow A Property Portfolio And Achieve Financial Breakthroughs

At this summit get every strategy you need to grow your business and build your property portfolio:

  • Align your drive and determination with our Property Freedom Formula to create a property portfolio using none of your own money;
  • Become the very best version of yourself to go forward and achieve financial breakthroughs;
  • Take control of your destiny and create a future that is abundant, full of energy and excitement; and
  • ​Develop a mindset for success to create positive results at lightning speed. 

Who Should Attend The Property & Business Summit?

You are an EMPLOYEE looking to change your current status, get out of the rut, earn more money and take control of your life.

You are SELF-EMPLOYED working on your own and want to earn more money, reduce the chaos of running a business solo while working fewer hours.

You are a BUSINESS OWNER or ENTREPRENEUR and you want to grow your revenue and profits while clawing back more time to give you the freedom to build wealth and financial freedom.

You are a PROPERTY INVESTOR looking to discover new strategies or run your property business better so you have more free time and independence.

5 Reasons Why You Need This Training...

  • Discover all the strategies you need to know to start building real wealth in just one day;
  • ​Take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that the next 12 months will present;
  • Dedicate time to yourself to learn and grow. Get in the room, take notes and leave it to us to show you how to become better at business and property;
  • I​t will cost you nothing to attend. We’ll cover the price of your ticket for a limited time PLUS give you a bonus just for registering; and
  • ​You will learn strategies you won't find elsewhere, including the 7 Step Property Freedom Formula and 80/20 approach.

Meet The Co-Founders of Assets for Life

LIAM RYAN A Story Of Living Proof

I know exactly what it's like to start with nothing and fight your way to making something of yourself.

When I was younger, despite the hardship around me, I knew I wanted more than just "making do".
From selling sweets in the playground to building a multi-million-pound business, I've worked hard to create a better life for myself and my family.

I know how it feels to be in a tough spot, between a rock and hard place. I know how it feels to build a multi-million-pound business, then lose it all and then (thankfully) build it all again.

I've not let my mistakes hold me back - and neither should you. Regardless of where you are right now, you can experience the success you desire. However, there are no short cuts. You will need to work hard, be determined, open to learning and become resilient.

JAY MUNOZ - A Story Of Perseverance

I was born in Colombia and my parents started their lives together with very little as teachers, but with shear hard work and retraining they changed careers. Also at this time my Mother became involved in property development. I am sure it was growing up in this environment that has shaped my own work ethics, and my love for building.

After a few years in the construction industry, I left Colombia and decided to emigrate to the UK and improve my English skills.

In 2003, I started reading an MSc at Surrey University, and I was determined to achieve this qualification whilst supporting myself. I worked full-time doing unskilled jobs, such as cleaning toilets and pizza delivery to fund it all.

With perseverance and my new qualification I set out to find myself a job. I was so conscious that UK nationals would be far higher up any pecking order, and then Europeans, leaving the “kid” from South America at the bottom of the pile. I knew I had to do something special, so I sent out 30,000 CVs! It worked, the result was 5 job offers.

I thought I was absolutely in the right place, until I read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This set my head spinning, and I knew I had to have my own business.

Then I met Liam and as you might say, the rest is history…

I love Assets for Life. It ticks all my boxes; I can share and help other people, I can improve lives through building and development. I have wealth to have choice and freedom, which means I can give my best to my family too.

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Sat, 13 Aug 2022

With Liam Ryan &

Expert Guests

Free LIVE Online

What is the Property & Business Summit?

The Property & Business Summit is a world-class two-day training course designed to show you how to launch and grow your own multi-million-pound property portfolio and business from scratch.

Why you need to be at the next Property & Business Summit

2020 is going to be a landmark year for property and in business. With a majority government and Brexit timetable fixed, the business community has certainty and investment looks set to flood into the UK.
The pent-up demand due to economic and political uncertainty is about to be swept away. For those businesses who have survived 2019, 2020 is when you reap the harvest. For property investors ready to take advantage of a depressed market, is the moment. You're either prepared to take advantage at this once-in-a-lifetime moment... or you're not.
When you attend The Property & Business Summit, we show you how to start building your property portfolio and strategies to help in business.

A Property, Business & Wealth Education Co.


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